Article 304 - Artificial termination of pregnancy

  1. Anyone who without the consent of the pregnant woman terminates her pregnancy is punishable by incarceration
    1. Anyone who with the consent of the pregnant terminatesunlawfully her pregnancy or supplies to her the means to terminate it, shall be punished with imprisonment of at least six months and if performs such acts habitually shall be punished by imprisonment for at least two years.
    2. If by the offence of the preceding provision grievous bodily or mental injury of the pregnant woman occurs, imprisonment of at least two years is imposed and if her death was caused, incarceration for at least ten years is imposed.
  2. Pregnant woman who unlawfully terminates her pregnancy or allows another to terminates it shall be punished with imprisonment up to one year.
  3. The artificial interruption of the pregnancy performed with the consent of the pregnant woman by an obstetrician – gynecologist doctor involving the participation of an anesthesiologist in an organizednursing unit, is not considered illegal action, if one of the following cases applied:
    1. Twelve weeks of pregnancy have not been completed.
    2. Have been found by modern means of prenatal diagnosis, signs of severe fetal abnormality induced abnormal neonatal birth and pregnancy duration is not more than twenty-four weeks.
    3. There is inescapable risk to the life of the pregnant woman or serious and lasting harm to the physical or mental health. In this case the relevant certificate is required and by any other competent doctor if applicable.
    4. The pregnancy is the result of rape, seduction of a minor, incest or abuse of a woman unable to resist, and as long as nineteen weeks of pregnancy have not been completed.
  4. If the pregnant woman is a minor, the consent of one of her parents is required also or of that person who has custody of the minor.

Article 359 - Abandonment of the pregnant

Whoeverabandons in poverty or in any other way helpless the woman who got pregnant by him and due to her pregnancy or childbirth cannot take care of herself, is punished with imprisonment up to one year. The prosecution exercised only after indictment.

Article 304A - Physical injuryof the fetus or the newborn

Whoever acts illegally on the pregnant and as a result of it leads togrievous injury to the fetus or for the newborn to show grievous bodily and mentally injury is punishable under Article 310.