Article 5 - Duties of the Mufti

  1. The Mufti has jurisdiction among Muslim Greek citizens of his region on marriages, divorces, alimonies, custodies, guardianships, emancipation of minors, Muslim wills, and indiviso inheritance, if these relations are governed by the Sacred Muslim Law (Sharia
  2. Those decisions issued by the Mufti on cases of disputed jurisdiction cannot be executed nor provide precedent, if not declared executable by the Single-Judge Court of First Instanceof the region where the Mufti is based, under the court procedure of voluntary jurisdiction. The courtinvestigates only whether the decision was issued within the limits of the jurisdiction held by the Mufti and whether the provisions applied, arein contrary to the Constitution. The decision issued by the Single-JudgeCourt of First Instance can be appealed beforethe relevant Multi-Membered First Instance Court, which hears the appeal under the same court procedure. The decision issued by the Multi-Membered First Instance Court cannot be challenged by any regular or extraordinary appeal action.