Article 1350 - Terms for the contracting of marriage

For the contracting of marriage the agreement of the future spouses is required. The related declarations are done in person and without conditions or time limits. The future spouses must have completed the eighteenth year of their age. The court, after hearing the future spouses and the persons who have the custody of the minor, may allow the marriage even before the completion of that age, if performing of the marriage is imposed by an important reason.

Article1354- Impediment by an existing marriage 

The contracting of marriage is impeded, before the existing marriage is dissolvedor annulled irrevocably. The spouses may repeat the contracting ofmarriage with each other even beforeits annulment.
Article 1357 – Relative by affinity

The marriage is impeded between relatives by affinity in the direct lineal relationship without limitation and in a collateral relationship up to the third degree.